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Skippy is was Nippy
* This is only a few of my resources....This does not include my 14 webinars, 180 videos, Jr Puppy Trainer Checklist, THE NEW PUPPY OWNERS VIRTUAL BOOTCAMP WEEKEND, the ability to ask me your questions, the Puppy Playbook, Champion Stances book or me making commentary on your videos.  If you know an investment of $298 or $54.63 x 6 months  is worth vastly improving the rest of you and your dog's life together click here to get immediate FULL access to my course. 
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The MOST Interactive Online Puppy Training Course  
This Course was Made for Busy Puppy Owners 
Check out this video to see for yourself!
Tight on cash, but need help? 
Pay only $54.63 to get started & get immediate results! 
Put my course to work for you and save double that each month by not squandering your money on items that actually sabotage your results!
  • 200+ short videos: Watch one or two while you are doing something else or binge watch a bunch, it's up to you!
  • Group Classes: Multiple interactive classes every week.  Click here to get this coming month's class schedule.   Can't make it?  No worries, you get sent the replay and you can still ask your questions while you're watching at a later date. 
  • Commentary: As part of our group classes I will personally review your training videos and give you second-by-second feedback! 
  • 12 Webinars: 20-30 minute bullet pointed presentations that help you understand fundamental dog handling concepts. 
  • Audio files: Champion Puppy Owners make up time of their passive time.  In the car, eating, meal prep, cleaning, on the treadmill etc... My course has so many time hacks to get your life back in order, audio files are just one of them. 
  • ​​The Puppy Playbook: Included in my course you will receive the Puppy Playbook.   This book contains 30 pages of info-graphics.  Once you sign up this book will be shipped directly to you. Just another way I ensure you "get it!"
  • Money back guarantee: I want to earn your money.  If you devour all the course material, give it a solid 100% effort and aren't satisfied with the results, then I didn't earn it.  I am committed to your results, but you need to be too!  
What is the "champion Puppy Training System?!?!
Check out the video above to see for yourself!
Kids Book
Got Kids?  
If you do they'll love this book. 
 You have 3 options:
1) You read it to them.
2) They read it to you.
3) I'll read it to them via the video book feature.  

This book covers:
1) Jumping
2) Nipping
3) Potty Training
4)Playing Best Practices 
So many other crucial concepts! 
What Kind of Dog are you Developing?
This is a short read (or listen via the audio version) that packs a punch.  I've been in the trenches with owners of dogs with severe behavioral concerns that lacks the skill sets to thrive in this world.  

Learn from their mistakes and make a couple adjustments in your ownership model to ensure your life is easier and your dogs life is better. 
Win the Day - Win the Dog Webinar
Stop making your life harder than it has to be and jump on this webinar! You are fighting against universal puppy principles and concepts versus putting them to work for you! 

If you are in puppy pain I cover all major owner relief  areas including: CHEWING, JUMPING, NIPPING, POTTY TRAINING #1, POTTY TRAINING #2, CRATE TRAINING, SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT AND SOOOO MUCH MORE! 

TODAY'S price

    Compare my curriculum to the average puppy class! 

    My modules are comprised of my very best tips, secrets & time hacks! 

    Traditional puppy classes skimp on daily management 

    This is where your puppy spends 99._% of it's time.
    This is where you need the most relief and can make the biggest impact in developing your puppy. 

    Watch this super simple video.
     I'll show you how we'll turn your problematic puppy into a Champion!

    Having been in thousands of busy homes just like yours, my course goes deep into making life easier around the house with your puppy.  

    No other course on this planet has as tight of a management plan as the Champion Puppy Training System! 

    Still, look at all obedience training you get!

    Most importantly, I teach you how to use it for your daily management.  Everything we do in our formal training sessions we use ALL DAY, EVERY DAY TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER! 

       This will be a game changer!


       Can you really train your puppy online?
        You might be shocked at my direct, no BS answer!
    Check out the video above. 
    • 200 Step-by-Step Short Videos
    • ​10 Interactive Classes
    • ​Puppy Playbook
    • ​12 Webinars
    • Audio Files
    • ​Kids Book: Skippy is Nippy
    • ​No Bribing 
    • ​No Jerky Training Methodologies
    • ​1,000's of Puppies SUCCESSFULLY Trained
    • ​​Responsiveness that Lasts a Lifetime
    • ​Go Deep
    • ​Go Quick
    • ​Right now, Immediate Results
    One of my successfully trained clients recently priced out my course versus their local option.  

    To get these results you would have to drive across town for the next 18 Sundays spending time & money (about $1k per my clients research) you don't have to waste!

    Don't waste your money.   
    Even more importantly, don't waste your time! 
    You will spend more than $54.63 on:
    • "Big Box Stores:" The big box stores are littered with items that are not necessary and can derail your training goals! Even good items used incorrectly will have you replacing training tools prematurely. 
    • "The Box:" If you want to raise a Champion you need to be intentional. Champion Puppy Owners don't get boxes full of stuff sent to their house for their dog to demolish.  I would rather have you buy one toy, one time and use it over and over again to build your Champion versus getting a bunch of random stuff delivered monthly.  
    • ​Unnecessary Expenses: Without a solid game plan you will burn through treats, toys, bones, carpet cleaner and anything your puppy can get it's mouth on! 
    You can choose to develop your puppy or you can squander money and more importantly time!
    Why Train Through Play?
    Check out the video to find out why.
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