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Connect kids & Dogs
Connect kids & Dogs
  • 50% Training: management, science, instinct, socialization, development, basics, trick, agility, nose work, sport, work, service, police, etc…
  • 20% Vet Care
  • 10% Shelter/Rescue
  • 10% Grooming
  • 10% Canine Care Business
  • 100% Furtastic Experience, Education & Fun!!!
Let's Connect
another great resource to help you & your household come together
Get your Personalized Jr Puppy Trainer Checklist
"Kids & Puppies are the Future"
Step 1: Book a Call
This call is for both guardians & Jr Puppy Trainer(s)

This call allows me to:
1) Screen for both safety & suitability.
2) Personally welcome you and our new JPT(s)!!
3) Work out any tech issues before the first meeting. 
4) Answer any questions you might have.

Click below to book a Zoom call.  
Step 2: Download the App
You don't need to purchase the app to get the FREE version.  Guardians simply scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out your first name and email.

- Your email will be your login.
- A link to the app store/google play will be in the welcome email.
- Your computer generated password will be emailed to you also.
Step 3: Jump on your 1st meeting
- It is important that you "opt in" to our emails if you want to be notified of meeting times, topics, updates & to be sent the recording of the webinar.

-That's right, if you can't make it you can still view and submit questions!!    
Have you checked out the app yet?
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FREE app includes: Skippy is Nippy (kids book), Puppy Parables (e/audio book) & Win the Day - Win the Dog (webinar)
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