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That develop your puppy & literally buy you time
Time to take the ordinary items and make them extraordinary. All puppy owners have the same 24 hours in any day and typically the same tools that they own. I believe it doesn't take a lot of time or money to raise a great dog, but I know making a couple investments in the items below will do more than give you the right tools for the job. The Champion Puppy Training System uses these items to not just develop your puppy, but to literally buy you time! 

I have found Amazon to be the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to get you what you need to start making inroads. Be careful from deviating and buying things "you think are the right item." I have seen a lot of clients buy what they thought was correct and what they bought paled in comparison.  

When in doubt send me an email with a link to what you think you should purchase and basic info about your Champion (age, weight, size, bone/toy preferences) and I'll make sure you don't have to return anything:)  If our coaching call is more than 24 hours away don't wait, I want to make sure you have what you need to start getting some major results!

Buying these training tools are 1%.
Learning how to strategically harness their maximum effectiveness is the other 99%.

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Click on the image & it will direct you to Amazon. You know what to do from there!
You'll have color/size options and don't panic, it's all on prime:)  

You'll have to jump back and forth from Amazon to here, but it will be worth it!

Slip Lead

  • You can accomplish so much by upping your leash handling skills!!
  • ​Do not attempt to do the formal training with a short or bulky leash. 
  • Make sure to buy one that is 3/8 thick and 6 ft long.
  • This is not for very small breeds (refer to my video about preventing collapsed tracheae if you have a small breed puppy)
(video in production)

Leash with Clip

  • This leash attached to a harness is perfect for the little Champions.
  • Make sure to buy one that is 3/8 thick and 6 ft long.
(video in production)


While the 6 ft leash works on your short game, the 26 ft retractable leash is crucial in achieving distance responsiveness. 
  • Clean, "straight line" retrievals.
  • ​Recall training
  • A natural tendency for your puppy to "stay in your radius."
Make sure you buy the basic 26 retractable leash made by flexi. No flash lights, poop bag holders, fancy locking mechanisms. If you have a large dog make sure you buy one that has a ribbon (not a cord). Take time to read the sizing chart and buy it for the size that your puppy will become. If you buy it too big or small you might not be able to use it.
Keep in mind this is to be used for training and the 6 foot leash is to be used for walks.
Click this link if you have a small dog.

Buckle Collar

Most owners buy their dog nylon buckle collars. The problem with these kind of collars is that they expand. What if you put a belt on that fit in the morning, but by the end of the day left your pants dragging by your ankles? I have seen more dogs than you can imagine slip out loose fitting nylon collars while on the way into my grooming salons.
Those dog's aren't socialized with the groomer appropriately, lack life skills and add the wrong tool fitted incorrectly it can be a recipe for disaster. You won't have to worry about that as you will be a thought out Champion Puppy owner with the right tools, socialization schedule and responsive dog. 
  • If you don't have seamstress tape then take off your puppy's current collar and measure it. Do not "guesstimate!!"
  • ​You'll use your collar or slip lead for training sessions including loose leash walking.


  • When you want to just take your puppy for a sloppy walk you'll use the harness.
  • ​If you have a small breed dog prone to collapsed trachea you'll use a harness.
  • ​This one is simply and straight forward. 
  • Take your time and read the sizing chart.​
(video in production)

Compressed Raw Hide

"I heard raw hide was bad for dogs?" Like chewing on your furniture and nipping on your kids is good?!?! Let's face it, if your puppy's not sleeping, then he's doing something. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have an ace up your sleeve? Now these aren't "a silver bullet," but used in tandem with the rest of my system you will come to rely on these to develop good habits when you need the relief the most.

And hey, if your puppy is developing good habits then, he's not developing bad habits.
  • Buy them a bit bigger compared to your puppy's size. It is a good way to save a couple bucks. 
  • ​Take it away before your puppy tries to swallow it, typically when there is about 20% left. 


These are referred to as the "always available antler" in the Champion Puppy Training System. 
  • Do not buy the ones that are cut in half long ways. Your puppy will get spoiled by chewing out the marrow inside and never develop the habit to chew the outside harder part. 
  • ​These should last months unless your puppy is a super chewer. 
  • ​The sizing runs a bit smaller versus the compressed rawhide. Check out my videos if you're not 100% sure. 
  • ​Here is a link for the small/medium ones: click here

Kong Wubba

Your puppy has sharp little teeth that will temporarily get caught on rope toys while playing. This is a better alternative that is less painful. That's important, cause if it decreases your puppy's play drive he will have more energy when you need him to be sleeping! 

I prefer this for a few good reasons:
  • Puppies love it cause it has options. Between the tentacles, 2 different size balls and the squeaker it has something for every puppy!
  • ​Make sure you put it up when you are not actively playing with it. This is a tug toy, not an antler!
  • ​Check sizing, the normal mistake is getting it too big.

Kong Wobbler

I have been using these for years. 
Here are just some of the reasons why I love it: 
  • It gives your puppy something to do that doesn't require you. Blank space on your puppy's calendar is the enemy!
  • ​It increases your puppy's food drive in a manner that correlates directly with that high level focus you will naturally get while training. To put in "Pat" terms, it gets your puppy in the zone!
  • ​It is a good benchmark in determining your puppy's food drive.
  • ​The Wobbler is different than the smaller original, rubber Kong. 
  • ​There are two sizes, when in doubt get the smaller one.
This thing will give you back 10-15 minutes a meal. A half hour a day X 7 days is 3.5 hours. Simply with the Kong Wobbler alone I have freed you up enough time to partake in 2 webinars a week & watch over an hour of my videos. This will increase your management knowledge and handling abilities which in turn buys you more time to be an intentional, productive puppy owner. 

Pup Flask

  • ​The goal of the course is to get you and your dog out in the world.  Both you and your dog were designed to be active and hydrated.  
  • ​I have found this tool high quality and convenient. 
(video in production)
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